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You might question yourself, wondering if you are covered properly.  Are all your hard-earned dollars covering your building, your improvements, your personal belongings?  You may have personal property insurance, but that often doesn't cover everything you think it should.

Betterments or Improvements insurance is coverage for additions or buildouts made by a lessee/renter to the building they lease/rent. This specific coverage is commonly overlooked by many agents. Improvement insurance covers the dollars that you have in improving the space, while your personal property coverage covers your loose items only, not the building/improvements itself. When running a business, shouldn’t both your hard-earned improvements as well as your personal property be covered?

This coverage will protect a business owner from financial harm should damage take place to the betterments and improvements as these are not typically covered by the landlord and are not included in your personal property coverage.  This coverage is very inexpensive to have added to your policy.

If you lease a building and have made improvements to the building, Please Call Us To Verify that you have Betterments and Improvements coverage on your policy.  We can provide a free review of your current coverage.  You can also contact us via our website at